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Our Mission

The Neshama Foundation is a non-profit organization that created this vehicle donation program to provide support to charities in Israel. We fundraise in the US and give 100% of the donations to charities that provide support for Israeli children. Our ultimate goal is to assist these children and inspire them to become knowledgeable Jews and responsible caring citizens.

The Neshama Foundation also evaluates these Israeli charities on behalf of American donors by ensuring that the organizations we support are most effectively using these donor funds. We are in constant communication with these organizations to track their progress on their various programs.

Who We Help

A child’s life is our future. It takes positivity to build a healthy child in a healthy community. We’re a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit Jewish organization, impacting thousands of children throughout the world and helping them to develop into productive members of the community. Neshama Foundation funds educational, developmental, and recreational programs and works to restore the light of childhood to children with challenges. Our goal is to provide funding to support charities that help children shine and find strength when needed to overcome disparities. We provide children and their families with a strong network of personal guidance and educational resources, individualized to their needs. Our overall areas of activity consist of educational programming, school placement, tuition assistance, mentorship programs, cultural activities, weekend retreats, summer camps, recreation and guidance counseling.

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As one of the largest car donation charities we accept donations throughout the entire USA.